Areopagus Critical Christian Issues

Areopagus Critical Christian Issues

The Areopagus is a hill in Athens which was once the meeting place of a Greek council. Paul preached on that hill while visiting Athens, presenting the gospel to the Athenian council and converting one of them (Acts 17).

It thus provides an excellent name for a new series of booklets from Energion Publications which examine important issues in understanding Christian beliefs and developing sound Christian practice. Each booklet will be short—less than 80 pages in length—and will provide an academically sound and biblically rooted examination of a particular question about doctrine or practice or an area of basic Christian belief.

This series will be orthodox in doctrine but not bound to the doctrinal statements of any denomination. It will be both firm in conviction and irenic in tone. Authors will be chosen for their ability to understand a topic in depth and present it clearly.

These booklets will be accessible to the serious layperson while also being useful to the seminary trained minister who wants to delve into a particular topic or examine an issue of interest, but needs to find a good place to start.

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