It's in the Bag

It's in the Bag
It's in the Bag
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We carry our purses everywhere. We don't leave home without them. They are as diverse and unique as we are. A purse can truly reflect who we are. Is it smooth, black leather or bold pink flowers? Does it hang from our arm or is slung over our back or strapped around our waist? What if we were given a purse by Jesus Himself full of whatever we would need for the day and season of life? How much would it cost? Who could afford it? It's free because it is given to us, the Bride, by our Groom, Jesus Christ. Let's see what Jesus has given - It's in the Bag!


  • What a charming, delightful and fresh read! It's in the Bag sets out with a desire to have us take daily items all we women can relate to and brings a new perspective, a Christ perspective. This book has me smiling and chuckling each time I reach to put on lipstick now. A unique and joyful read to help us in our faith walk to be reminded daily of God's plans for us!

    Renee Crosby, author Soup Kitchen for the Soul
    Founder and Director of Christian Pep Rally, Inc.

  • I really enjoyed reading It's In The Bag. It touches on topics that any woman can relate to. I liked how Mrs. Gordon presented the essentials that we keep in our purses and use on a daily basis. On those few occasions when we might leave or misplace our purse, we feel lost, because all that we need is in there. This book reminds us that Jesus has provided all that we need and that we can carry these things with us wherever we go. I especially liked the mirror aspect. Our women's ministry is called Reflections. It's our desire to reflect Jesus in all we do. I would love to share It's In The Bag with my ladies at church.

    Michelle Ellsworth, pastor's wife
    Oasis Community Worship Center
    Bedford, Texas,

Book Data
Pages 35
ISBN10 1-893729-67-2
ISBN13 978-1-893729-67-4

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