Renee Crosby

Renee Crosby

Renee Crosby is a Christian Bible teacher. She enjoys teaching the Word of God in any way, in any place, at any time she can. Soup Kitchen for the Soul is her first book. She has also been published as a featured writer in Chicken Soup For the Soul: A Mother's Devotional.

Renee is the founder and director of the non-profit Christian Pep Rally, Inc., CPR. "CPR's mission is reviving the Christian spirit by working with the Christian community online and in person, to encourage and equip us for FIERCE Christian living. FIERCE Christian living has many facets. In a few words, it's about walking boldly in who we are in Christ, about being conquerors taking back ground from the enemy. It's about being intense, passionate, focused, confident and comfortable, balanced with a mass amount of grace and love. That is FIERCE Christian living!"

She volunteers her time in her local church, with the local rescue mission, and food banks. Contact her through her publisher if you would like her to facilitate the study series for any local group near Denver and the surrounding area. Renee would also provide a Soup Kitchen For The Soul one-time Bible study speaking engagement to launch an outreach in your church wherever you may live. In general, on a national level, she is available for key note speaking engagements, seminars or conferences.

She is married to Rob, and they have one son and one daughter.

Author web site: Christian Pep Rally

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Soup Kitchen for the Soul
Soup Kitchen for the Soul combines testimony with a challenging scriptural foundation and follows it..
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