Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide

Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide
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This study guide to Revelation is designed for individual or small group studies. Its flexible lessons are ideal for Sunday School classes, small study or prayer groups and Wednesday evening studies. The guide is based on the participatory method, developed by author Henry Neufeld to help lay people learn to understand the Bible better.


  1. Clearly defined study method for individuals and groups.
  2. Basic lessons with graded additional study allow you to choose the time spent on your study
  3. Examination of different approaches to Revelation
  4. References to study Bibles and standard reference materials
  5. Emphasis on spiritual application-even if your group has problems agreeing on prophetic interpretation, you can share many spiritual lessons
  6. Glossary of terms
  7. Background references
  8. Study questions and topics for discussion
  9. Outline and notes for reference

Suggested uses:

  • Personal study
  • Sunday School classes

Related informational links:

  • Extract from the Introductory Lesson
    This extract outlines the approach Henry Neufeld takes to Revelation in this study guide. Ironically it starts by suggesting that you read it after you have done the lessons for the first exercise, but the extract will not prevent you from getting full value from the first lesson should you choose to buy the study guide.
  • Goals in Bible Study
    A discussion of the questions we bring to Bible study and how they impact what we will take from it.
  • Revelation by Scenes
  • Review and Notes Page

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